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Bear Head Ring

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Crafted in our signature ring mold, this ring features the head of a bear. Its mouth is open mid-roar, baring its teeth at anything that dares challenge it.


Bears are large, powerful mammals that have long been a source of fascination for humans. These creatures can be found in forests, mountains, and tundra all around the world, and they play an important role in the ecosystems where they live.

Bears typically hunt for fish, small mammals, and plants, but they will also scavenge for food when necessary.

In many cultures, bears are seen as symbols of strength and tenacity, and they often play important roles in mythology and folklore. For example, the Native American bear spirit is said to be a protector of the natural world, while the Norse goddess Freya is often portrayed as being accompanied by two giant bears.

Whether viewed as benevolent guardians or fearsome predators, bears continue to capture our imaginations and inspire awe.

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 Ring Size (US) Circumference Range (mm) Circumference (in.)
5 49-51 2.0
6 52-53 2.1
7 54-56 2.2
8 57-58 2.3
9 59-61 2.4
10 62-64 2.5
11 65-66 2.6
12 67-69 2.7
13 70-71 2.8
14 72-74 2.9
15 75-76 3.0
16 77 3.1

Our rings are crafted from stainless steel, a material that is strong, durable, and capable of withstanding tremendous force.

They are polished to a smooth finish, making them highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. The finishing process also makes them stylish and comfortable to wear.

We take great care in making sure our products meet rigorous standards and are confident that you will love your purchase for years to come.

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