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Nine Tailed Fox Ring

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Crafted in our signature ring mold, this ring features a nine-tailed fox. The band of the ring is set with an intricate, flowing design that complements the fox's nine wavy tails.


In East Asian mythology, the nine-tailed fox is a magical creature with the ability to assume human form. Often regarded as embodiments of wisdom and longevity, nine-tailed foxes are said to bring good luck and fortune to those they encounter.

In some traditions, the nine tails represent the nine stages of life, and the fox is believed to possess the power of instant transmutation. As such, it is not uncommon for folktales to feature nine-tailed foxes as shapeshifting tricksters who use their powers to outwit their enemies.

Whether regarded as benevolent guardians or mischievous imps, nine-tailed foxes have long held a place in the imagination of East Asian cultures.

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 Ring Size (US) Circumference Range (mm) Circumference (in.)
5 49-51 2.0
6 52-53 2.1
7 54-56 2.2
8 57-58 2.3
9 59-61 2.4
10 62-64 2.5
11 65-66 2.6
12 67-69 2.7
13 70-71 2.8
14 72-74 2.9
15 75-76 3.0
16 77 3.1

Our rings are crafted from stainless steel, a material that is strong, durable, and capable of withstanding tremendous force.

They are polished to a smooth finish, making them highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. The finishing process also makes them stylish and comfortable to wear.

We take great care in making sure our products meet rigorous standards and are confident that you will love your purchase for years to come.

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