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Pirate Ship & Kraken Signet Ring

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Crafted in our signature ring mold, this ring is a thing of beauty and terror.

A pirate ship is out at sea, seemingly unaware of the danger that lurks beneath the waves - that is, until the Kraken wraps its tentacles around the ship.

The sides of the ring show the full body of the Kraken, with small dots strategically placed to add the details of the Kraken's suckers.


A pirate ship sailed deep into the ocean, its sails billowing in the wind. The crew was excited for their next adventure, but they were not prepared for what awaited them.

Suddenly, they heard a loud screeching noise and the ship was rocked by a massive wave.  The pirate captain looked out over the open sea and cursed.

There, in the distance, he could see tentacles emerging from the water. It was the Kraken, and it had come to destroy them. His heart raced as he realized that his ship was no match for the massive creature.

"We're doomed!" one of his crew cried out.

The captain knew there was no escape – they would have to fight the Kraken head on. He ordered his men to arm themselves and prepare for battle. The pirates fought with all their might but it was no use – the Kraken was too powerful.

In a final act of bravery, the captain hurled himself at the creature, stabbing it with his sword. With its last breath, the Kraken dragged him under water.

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 Ring Size (US) Circumference Range (mm) Circumference (in.)
5 49-51 2.0
6 52-53 2.1
7 54-56 2.2
8 57-58 2.3
9 59-61 2.4
10 62-64 2.5
11 65-66 2.6
12 67-69 2.7
13 70-71 2.8
14 72-74 2.9
15 75-76 3.0
16 77 3.1

Our rings are crafted from stainless steel, a material that is strong, durable, and capable of withstanding tremendous force.

They are polished to a smooth finish, making them highly resistant to corrosion and tarnishing. The finishing process also makes them stylish and comfortable to wear.

We take great care in making sure our products meet rigorous standards and are confident that you will love your purchase for years to come.

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